Jerry Payne
Cardiac Rehab Patient

"The team I trusted for cardiac rehab"

"My family told me that I was a candidate for the hospital's cardiac rehab program, and that's when all the good stuff started. It was upbeat. It was at my own pace. It was life changing."

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Linda Martin
Cardiac Rehab Patient

Cardiac Rehab changed my lifestyle!

After undergoing emergency valve replacement surgery, Linda's doctor recommended cardiac rehabilitation. Not a fan of exercise, Linda was apprehensive about the program at first.

"I would like to express my sincere gratitutde to all the employees in cardiac rehab at Sovah Health - Martinsville. Sharon, Donna and all of their helpers go above and beyond to see and help us meet our goals. They provide us with incentive, instruction and the monitoring of our vitals while we go through our routines. As a result, we heal properly and enjoy better health. Anyone that can get me to exercise deserves special recognition!

Linda has graduated from the program, but continues to visit the staff and fellow patients, who she bonded with during classes.

"Listen to your heart. Follow the road leading to better heart health care. Go to Sovah Cardiac Rehab in Martinsville. You'll be glad you did!"