Angela Ziglar

"They make me feel like family"

In 2011, Angela Ziglar was diagnosed with breast cancer. Right away, she began commuting from her hometown of Martinsville to Roanoke for all of her cancer care, as she assumed it was the best place to go for treatment. 

When it was determined that she would need radiation, Angela decided to try Ravenel Oncology Center at Sovah Health - Martinsville with the intent of returning to Roanoke for the rest of her cancer treatments.

From her first visit to Ravenel Oncology Center, Angela noticed something was different. 

"Once I got down here, everybody was so nice," said Angela "Nobody treated you like you were a stranger. They treated me like I had been here all along."

In Roanoke, she had been shuffled around to different locations to see different doctors with different specialties, which was impersonal and inconvenient. When Angela would try to tell the doctors how she was feeling, they would often respond, "that shouldn't be happening."  

There was a point where Angela wanted to give up. "I felt like I wasn't being heard," said Angela. 
On the other hand, the staff at Ravenel Oncology Center listened. "They really want to know what's going on. Not just what they know scientifically to be true," she says.

"Dr. Goodchild was the only doctor that would take me into his office and show me exactly where my cancer was and point to it. I never knew exactly where my cancer was until I came here." 

And Dr. Langer, her medical oncologist, is "just the best!" 

Now that Angela has moved all of her cancer care to Martinsville, she appreciates the convenience of driving across town to see all of her doctors at one location.

A cancer diagnosis can be very scary. And treatment often seems like an uphill battle, but Angela hopes her experiences can help those facing similar circumstances. Don't feel like you have to jump on the highway and commute for cancer care, as Sovah Health - Martinsville and its staff are local and they care. 

"They made me feel like I was their family. It didn't matter what was going on in my life. It didn't matter whether I had an appointment, they would make sure that I had someone to sit with me. I didn't have to face it alone."

"There were many days that Linda, radiation oncology nurse, would just hold my hand."

Along with the physicians, nurses and staff at Sovah Health - Martinsville, Angela knows she is not facing her cancer alone.